Before we begin, please know that we are here to help you navigate the bureaucratic steps of your relocation. We understand the language barrier and we have built this system with that in mind. Don`t worry, we are here to help you every step of the way via email, phone, or WhatsApp. and of course in English.

Bill registration is a simple and straight forward process in which people or corporations register or transfer their utility bills and city tax to or from their name depending on the type of move. You can be a renter or a landlord, a buyer, or a seller. The bills to be transferred are electricity, water, and gas as well as your city tax/property tax also called Arnona. To complete the process you will need some basic information about the moving in and out parties, about the property, and the owner/landlord. Of course, we will need some identifying information about the bills to transfer. Don`t worry, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

העברת חשבונות בעת מעבר דירה איך זה עובד?

העברת חשבונות הוא תהליך פשוט. ממלאים טופס אחד פשוט ישירות מהטלפון או מהמחשב. מי נכנס, מי יוצא ומי הבעלים. פרטים על הדירה, כמה פריטים מזהים של החשבונות. חותמים וזהו. אם חסר משהו, ניתן להשלים כשיש. ואנחנו שולחים עדכונים. 

Moving In or Out

In this first section, we will ask you if you are moving in or out, whether you are a private individual or a corporation. Whether you buying, selling, renting, or moving back to your property.

Who Is Moving

This section is about who is moving. A few identifying questions, a copy of your ID, and lease or purchase agreements. You can upload them, snap a photo with your phone or send them to us later by mail.

Exchanging Tenants

Now is the time to tell us about the other party. If you are moving in, who is leaving, and if you are moving out, who is moving in instead of you. Landlords that move in our out of their property are also considered as such. If you are moving with roommates, this is the place to write it.

About the Property and the Owners

This stage is all about the property and the landlord/owner. Things like the street address, the apt number, the city, and the basic information of the landlord. 

What Bill to Transfer

It is time to pick the bills you want to transfer or register. Pic one or pick them all according to your needs.

Digital Signature and Consent

Here you are giving us your consent, sort of power of attorney to submit the bill transfer requests on your behalf. Don`t worry, your information is safe with us and secured at the most strict standards.

Bill Payment Method and Discounts

In this last step, you can pick your preferred bill payment method. Have the bill sent to your home address or set up auto-pay. If you are a student you qualify for a discount.

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