Set Up Utilities
 The Easy Way

Transfer or Register Electric, Water, Gas and Arnona bills
In 5 minutes from any device

חוסכים כאב ראש

We Save You Headaches

If you ever moved in Israel, you probably remember dealing with the Electricity, Gas, Water, and Arnona  providers. If you haven`t, save yourself the "pleasure"

שומרים על בסביבה

We Save The Environment

A digital platform eliminates the need to print paper forms and save the gas to drive to various offices. 
Help us save the environment.

חוסכים זמן יקר

We Save You Time

Setting up your Electric, Water, Gas and
Arnona bills & 
updating your address can take
up to 10 hours and 22 actions

Arrive At Your New Home With Little To No Stress

Our unique moving to a new apartment service sets you free from most of the tasks and bureaucracy of your move to a new place.

Just fill out 1 form on our website in 5 minutes, and we will do the rest.

כאב הראש של מעבר דירה

My landlord was urging me to transfer the utilities to my name. I would have had to coordinate on the phone and then meet with the other tenant. It took me up to an hour to reach each company on the phone and then I would have to do all the set up... it is about time someone made it digital. Best of all... they let my landlord know that all the bills were set up.

Shir Grinberg

Lilah Nahary

Moved in Ramat Gan

It was so easy. I filled out a form from my cell phone in a few minutes and it was all simple and clear. A few minutes later I got a submission confirmation.... and that was great. Thank you you have saved me lot`s of time

I left the apartment I had rented, and the renter that had moved-in in my place did not transfer the utility bill to his name. The utility companies did not let me get out of the contract single-sided and until there isn`t a new payee on the utility bill. All the talks with the utility providers and the other renter got to me..... Finally, there is a third party company that can take care of this and let me sleep quietly knowing that the bills are no longer at my name.

Romi Levi

Gay Behorim

Moved to Haifa

I hade to leave the apartment within a few days, and I did not have time for everything. This was the best saving time ever. It was really easy and worth every shekel. All the updates and confirmations gave me peace of mind.

How Do We Make Your Move Easier 

העברת חשבונות


Transfer electric, gas, water and Arnona billsNo downloading, printing, filling out, scanning, faxing forms in Hebrew. Not even waiting on the phone or standing in line.

עדכון כתובת


Get Your Mail at your new address.
No need to contact each provider and company to update your address.  Update your address everywhere in one go.

ניתוק ספקים


Sometimes we have to say goodbye to a service provider. Mazekal makes it easy.

Disconnect with a click

MazeKal will make you move easier. we asked ourselves why do things computers can do on out behalf.

So we built a platform that will handle most of the stressful tasks in one place in one time and from any device (mobile phone or a computer)

This system is secured and monitored according to strict standards and includes SSL encryption

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